Katie takes you on a personal journey to find what you appreciate most, with a fresh set of eyes and an empathetic approach to curating and organizing living and digital spaces.



From unorganized to optimized, I can help you make your space a home.



Life throws curve balls. From moving to combining households or a breakup, with professional assistance you can rely on a peaceful passage .



From not knowing how to style your home, workspace or clothing, I can help you hone in on your preferences.


Initial Consultation

Each client relationship begins with a 1-hour meet & greet, consisting of a walk-through and customized project assessment. *Initial charge will be credited towards the final project total.


Full Service
Organizing & Styling

I take a hands-on, personal approach to organizing and styling. I can work with you side by side, or independently to help you de-clutter and utilize systematic approaches designed for your space and needs. Working efficiently and non-judgmentally, I can handle the entire process. I take a non-biased approach to help you release physical and mental baggage that frequently comes with changes in your life. Whether you desire to purge an entire home, rearrange furniture and bring life into the sentimental items you already have, or require a fresh start with new paint, product and statement pieces, I’m here to help!

$60/hr + cost of materials and travel expenses for out of town clients.

DIY Organizing

If you just love the idea of decluttering your space, but prefer to take a hands-on approach with professional guidance and motivation, this service is for you. I’ll provide a 1-hour in-person or video consultation surveying your space, and deliver a digital packet containing a list of actionable steps, layouts, and creative suggestions to help you take control of your space.

$200 flat rate per room.

Are you overwhelmed in your digital life because of impossible notifications, haphazard file organization, multiple calendar schedules or an overflowing email inbox? Detox from digital prison and restore order with an in-person consultation, training and implementation of an optimized workflow for your tech devices. I will work with you to reduce your e-stress, and organize the information you’re storing so that you can access what you need, when you need it, efficiently and effectively.


Digital Workflow

Do you have an underperforming website or need assistance creating an online platform? Our 1-hr conversation will consist of a review of your current online presence, and/or website audit identifying your wants, needs and pain points, followed by recommendations for implementing an effective website or social media strategy.

$60/hr, complete website creation by quote.

Website Overhaul

Are you overwhelmed or underwhelmed with your closet? I’ll assess your personal preferences, help you refresh your closet and curate a updated wardrobe catering to how you move throughout life. I believe personal style should reflect your personality without sacrificing practicality or comfort.

$60/hr + client budget

Wardrobe Refresh

Jamie N.

Memphis, TN

“Katie has a great eye for design and branding. Our website was out of date and our social media was nonexistent before we hired her. She really took the time to understand our business and then created beautiful, relevant and modern content across all platforms. She added efficiency in communications and responded to all requests in a timely manner. I highly recommend Katie for all your web design and social media needs.

Pat B.

Lafayette, CO

“Katie was totally in charge of a very successful estate sale for us. She deftly handled the contents of a 3,500 square ft. home from assessment, to valuing, to sale and total clean up. She is very professional and dedicated. I highly recommend her!”

Mary S.

Little Rock, AR

“Thank goodness for Katie! She really took charge, handled everything for us, and made it so easy to get done what we could not have managed ourselves. Her approach mixes patience, understanding and common sense to help take you through the process. You won't want her to leave after all the work is done. She's become a friend of the family!”


Montreat, NC

“Katie is no reality TV fad. She's a professional. Not only can she see through the fog of all of the possessions surrounding your life and lifestyle, but she can organize everything and make razor-sharp recommendations about how to eliminate excess and cut through to what matters most. She steps in and makes it all happen with almost no effort required on your part. The result is a renewed sense of comfort in your space, whether old or new, a feeling of relief from the burdens of baggage you just couldn't bring yourself to address, and renewed energy. You'll feel changed and want to live your life in a new way. Do yourself a favor- hire her!”